What is Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention and Spontaneous Remission is an ancient Shamanic technique passed down from an unbroken lineage of Mayan Master Healers. Divine Intervention is the calling in of the Incorruptible Infinite Source through a specific divine space held by the minister/healer to intervene on behalf of the healee. This is done when the minister /healer become a dedicated instrument of Source, thus for a split second holds space for the Divine to manifest and for heaven to appear in or for someone. And a singularity occurs by which the physical laws of the universe are paused and forces of the larger Divine Law come in to play.
During the Divine Intervention healing the minister/healer consciously accesses specific dimensions and emanates precise hertz frequency.  Simply said, the singularity generated causes the gravity and centrifugal forces to stop and for the electric and magnetic energies to split; which in turn causes all atoms to be at variance thus allowing space to move through space and atoms to move through atoms. It is during this instant that the energetic system holding the devitalizing issue or disease process in physical form to split; resulting in everything unlike the original system to move through it. When this happens, the possibility that the body may return to its natural state of wholeness escalates radically, as a result anything that is devitalizing and foreign to the body’s natural state emerges outside of the body or goes through spontaneous remission. In other words, a miracle occurs.

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